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Behind each page of the Virtual Museum there are many hours of work, divided between research, study of the nineteenth century sources, cleaning of the tools, check operations, make photographs and schematic drawings, if necessary, and of course, word and scripts processing in various languages (HTML, PHP, JavaScript). All this material is on the web because one of the aims of the "Antonio Maria Traversi" Physics Museum is to contribute to education, not only inside our school, and to enhance and promote our collection and let the research on our intruments be made (Article 2 of the Statute).

Such an effort was amply rewarded by the numerous contacts and appreciation had, certainly favored by the high visibility of the virtual museum. As plagiarism of texts, images, drawings and of whole pages with no quotation unfortunately occurred, these unpleasant facts and ethically reprehensible forced me to clearly write here a concept that should be obvious: the free transmission of the ideas is good, but to share something on the web does not mean to give up its intellectual property and its fully recognition by people. So, before using "copy&paste" on texts and / or on images, the navigator is kindly requested to keep in mind that this section of the website of the Marco Foscarini High School is covered by a modified form of copyright (the so-called copyleft). Here below are the rules, which are based on the simple principle to respect and to quote the work of other authors. These roules are few and very simple, but they must be respected.

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